About Us

Old West Shepherds is a family effort to share our love of German Shepherds by producing healthy, conforming working-lines German Shepherd Dogs and training them to make the most of their legendary working abilities. We treat our dogs with the respect they deserve and consider them part of our family. We are a small kennel, producing only a select few litters per year. We are located on farm land in rural northern Indiana. We actively train our dogs in Schutzhund, a German dogsport that was developed specifically for the German Shepherd Dog to ensure that the German Shepherd Dog will always be a working dog. Our family has been involved with German Shepherds for as long as we can remember. It is our goal that through hard work, careful research, and dedication to our breed, that we will contribute some small part to overall improvement of the German Shepherd Dog.

Our History

It all started with an experimental K-9 program in DeKalb County, Illinois in the early 1970's. Back in those days, it was rare for local police departments to have their own K-9 units. The Illinois State Police and the Chicago Police Department were about the only law enforcement agencies in Illinois that had K-9 units at the time. The DeKalb County Sheriff's Police Department received a young German Shepherd named Rex von Victor as a donation from a family in Rockford, IL. After completing an intensive
training school for police dogs in St. Louis, Missouri, Roger Scott became the first canine officer for the DeKalb County Sheriff's Police. It wasn't long before the experiment proved to be a success. Rex routinely apprehended burglars, retrieved evidence, and even uncovered a quarter-million dollars of marijuana in a single traffic stop. Such feats were unheard of at the time, and were recounted in local newspaper, often featuring close up photographs of Rex on the job. Rex lived with Mr. Scott's family which gave family members, including son Daniel, a chance to live and play with a well-trained working dog.  Daniel often took part in training Rex by laying long tracks and waiting for Rex to find him hiding in the woods or in overgrown fields.  Thirty years later, Daniel still loves to watch German Shepherds work!  Fortunately, there is a dog sport called Schutzhund that closely parallels the training and work of a police dog.  In recent years, Daniel has worked with the O.G. Landseite Schutzhund Club in Warsaw, IN, under the watchful eye of the talented trainer Randy Rhodes. Daniel is currently a member of Great Lakes Working Dog Association in Elkhart, IN, and on occasion also trains with the great people of Turner Junction Working Dog Club in Warrenville, IL.

Our Goals

Our goal is to train German Shepherds to accomplish great things by using positive training methods that encourage the dog to enjoy his work.  Since the working ability of a German Shepherd is largely a result of careful breeding, we also aim to produce our own working dogs through well-matched breedings. It is for this purpose that we occasionally breed our dogs. As a responsible breeder, we take great care in selecting homes for these puppies. We do not wish any of these puppies to end up in a shelter, on the streets, or in a home where they are not given proper care and attention.

Our Accomplishments

Training in Schutzhund dog sport can be very rewarding. It takes a great deal of commitment to spend the necessary time on the training field working with your dog. Daniel and his dog Anna attained a BH in November of 2008. This was his first attempt to train in Schutzhund. A year later, Anna received her OB1 title with a very good score of 96, tying for first place in High Obedience at the trial. Anna has since received OB2 and OB3 titles as well as the TR1 tracking title. Daniel and Anna are currently focused on attaining Sch1-3 titles. After mastering Schutzhund training, Daniel and his family would eventually like to train service dogs for police and security work.
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